Dashboard Was a Game Changer for Our Fantasy Football Champ

By Amy Chisam

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Anya – and AnswerRocket – won our first annual fantasy football league.

As we shared at the start of the season, Anya used AnswerRocket’s analytics to draft her team. AnswerRocket helped Anya identify players who were steady top performers, versus those she calls “boom or bust.”

She stuck with this strategy throughout the season, only making roster moves for injuries or bye weeks. Well, with one big exception. As Anya shared in her original video, she drafted both Ryan Tannehill and Tom Brady. She decided to start Tannehill, but Brady had a stellar season. So midway through the season when Anya needed more wide receivers, she dropped Tannehill.

Check out Anya’s latest video, showing the dashboards she put together in AnswerRocket for her team.

In just minutes, Anya put together a dozen data visualizations of her players’ performance. Our favorites:

Anya Scatter Plot

A scatter plot showing the ratio of projected points per player against their actual points.

Anya Football Heat Map

A heat map of points by week per player.

Going into the finals, Anya was 26 points behind Pete. He also used AnswerRocket data, but was making roster changes week to week. As Stephen (one of our Rocketeer developers) said, “If we gave out awards for League Tinkerer, Pete would win.”

In the last weekend, Anya’s players finished strong, whereas Pete had several stars who left their games early or didn’t start. She won by 3 points.

Of course, we did this just for fun. AnswerRocket’s real power is helping businesses use their own data for analytical decision making. With AnswerRocket, business users can ask questions and get immediate answers back, shown as charts, graphs, or maps. These easy-to-understand reports allow companies to make better business decisions faster.

As for Anya, she gets to be our league commissioner next year. And she’s already dreaming up new ways she can use AnswerRocket. She wants to review player performance after an injury. She’d also like to study how points are spread across different teams’ players.

Thanks to AnswerRocket, Anya became a data-driven decision maker. And fantasy football champ.

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