Exploring Lending Club Data with Natural Language

By Pete Reilly

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Lending Club is a “peer-to-peer” lending business for personal loans. They make money by matching investors with borrowers. From a recent Forbes article:

The company assesses applicants’ risk and lets investors lend directly to individuals or spread their money across a number of loans. Charges borrowers an origination fee of 1%-5% (depending on credit risk) and creditors a service fee equal to 1% of the loan amount. Laplanche previously sold TripleHop Technologies, an enterprise software company, to Oracle in June 2005.The company raised $172 million in 2013 from investors including Google Ventures, DST and Coatue Management.

Lending Club posts its loan data on their website. The data we used was last updated through March of 2015.

Natural Language Data Exploration with AnswerRocket

This video shows how a business user can use search-based analytics to analyze data without the help of a technician. An example use case would be for companies who market and sell financial data. Prospects often have questions about the data during the sales process. This requires technical analysts to create additional reports and queries. The sales person then needs to schedule a follow up meeting to review these. An analytics tool driven by natural language allows sales people to answer prospects questions as they arise in the sales process accelerating sales cycles and improving close rates.

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