Tired of feeling like a bottleneck?

Technologists love to innovate and deliver cutting-edge solutions. But as business departments’ need for analytics has grown, you aren’t able to focus on the high-value work. Instead, you’re stuck managing an ever-growing queue of report requests.


It’s time to unleash the data.

AnswerRocket is a self-service analytics platform that’s truly designed for business users. Other tools require advanced training and in-depth technical knowledge. Know a business person with three days to spend in a training class? We didn’t think so.

AnswerRocket’s interface is as simple as surfing the web. Users search using natural language questions and get immediate answers in the form of data visualizations.

With business users able to fulfill their own natural language BI requests, IT can focus on advanced analytics and deeper data exploration.

Fast to Set Up

Our typical implementations take just a few weeks or months.

No Added Hardware

Users access AnswerRocket via a Web interface. Your data can stay in place.

Natural Language

Our system understands everyday terms and your business concepts.

Highly Secure

Your data remains safe. Your users access only the data they should.

The power of natural language BI and analytics. AnswerRocket gives your users the ability to quickly uncover what’s going on in their business.

Solutions by Role

Overseeing your company’s data and analytics approach is a major responsibility. Data needs to be accurate, accessible, and secure. But the current paradigm of building dashboards and writing ad hoc reports and queries is broken.

The business is tired of waiting for data, and frankly your team can’t keep up.

AnswerRocket addresses all of your needs. We can connect to wherever your data is stored, or we can use our built-in ETL tools to move it to a high performing columnar data store in the cloud. You control the access levels. And we can support petabytes of data with search-like response time.

Great news: Your business counterparts are becoming even more data-savvy. They’re dreaming up complex and interesting questions. If only you had a platform powerful enough to make this analysis fast and easy enough for them to do so on their own.

AnswerRocket enables you to tackle this problem. Your business users can task AnswerRocket with their dashboard and spur-of-the-moment questions. Meanwhile, you can power up AnswerRocket for the deeper analysis – cohorts, churn trends, and more.

Your days currently consist of prioritizing urgent reporting requests and writing SQL queries. Your workload is growing by the day. Your business counterparts are pressing for more data, faster.

AnswerRocket democratizes your data. Most of those business requests can be handled by business users themselves within AnswerRocket. Meanwhile, you get to focus on broader initiatives: ensuring existing data is accurate, identifying new data sources, and governing data access.

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Search Is Just The Beginning.

Request a custom demo of AnswerRocket.

Search Is Just The Beginning.

Request a custom demo of AnswerRocket.