Storytelling Mode Puts College Data to the Test

By Amy Chisam

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When we added the US Department of Education’s College Scorecard Data to AnswerRocket, we knew the perfect person to test it out: our intern, Hagar. She’s been working with us this semester and wants to study marketing in college.

We loaded seven years’ worth of data about every college in the US into our business intelligence and analytics tool and set Hagar loose.

Hagar quickly realized she could assemble her most compelling findings into a presentation for her parents. In AnswerRocket, we call this our storytelling mode. Storytelling lets you compile selected reports from your dashboard and view as a complete set. Instead of copying static charts into PowerPoint or Keynote, all of your data visualizations are grouped together. And unlike traditional presentation software, with AnswerRocket you can click into any of your charts for revised queries and deeper data discovery.

Hagar had four criteria for selecting her ideal college:

  • Reasonably priced
  • Close to home
  • Offers her desired degree
  • Favorable earnings potential

Asking her natural language questions, studying the visualizations, and popping them into a story only took her a few minutes. To see which college Hagar landed on – and how AnswerRocket’s storytelling mode works – check out her video.

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Hector Alejandro CC BY

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