Analyzing Movie Data Sets

By Amy Chisam

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The Academy Awards are just a few days away, and that has us our office in the mood for movies. The problem is that not everybody shares the same opinions. Anya loves crime movies, but most of the team prefers science fiction. (Don’t even get us started talking about The Matrix ….)

So Anya looked to AnswerRocket for movie recommendations. She pulled in two different data sources:

  • A crowdsourced listing of Oscar-winning movies from CrowdFlower
  • The online movie database IMDB

Connecting the data didn’t take long at all. Anya was then able to evaluate her favorite genre by popularity rating and Oscar awards. And just like that – she had her next movie selection.

Of course, AnswerRocket can handle many more sources, with much larger datasets. We’ve successfully implemented datasets of more than 10 billion rows, using dozens of sources. Our data analytics and data visualization tool thrives on big data.

Check out Anya’s latest video to see how AnswerRocket found her next movie. Then let us put together a demonstration of how AnswerRocket can work for your business.

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