Mobile Analytics: Faster Answers on the Go

Get answers to your analytics questions in seconds using your smartphone or tablet.



Salesforce: Sales Funnel Insights Via Natural Language Search

Watch how AnswerRocket makes it easier to track sales leads and identify prospect opportunities.


Data-Driven Decision Making to Wow Your Boss

We've partnered with marketing technology experts Arke Systems. Together we demonstrate the power of AnswerRocket using Sitecore for digital marketing data.


Storytelling Mode Puts College Scorecard Data to the Test

Our intern used AnswerRocket to narrow her college selection, and then created a storytelling presentation for her parents.


Analyzing Movie Data Sets

It's showtime - we combined Oscars awards data with popularity rankings to identify top movies by genre.

Dashboard Was a Game Changer for Our Fantasy Football Champ

For the winner of our first annual fantasy football league, AnswerRocket's dashboard provided invaluable player insights.



Natural Language Search on Big Data

In his talk at Strata + Hadoop World in New York City, Mike Finley talks about the advent of big data and the changes this drives for business users.

SAP HANA and AnswerRocket: Combining Predictive and Text Analytics with Search

See how addictive AnswerRocket's search user experience is in this demonstration using HANA and retail data.


Apache Drill and AnswerRocket: Connecting Different Data Sources

We used Yelp's 1.6 million reviews to demonstrate how smoothly Drill works with AnswerRocket.

Draft Day Analytics: AnswerRocket on Fantasy Football

Using AnswerRocket for some fun in the office - selecting players for our fantasy football league.

Search-Driven Analytics for Workforce Management

We partnered with Workforce Insight to explore a national manufacturer's overtime costs.

Apache Spark and AnswerRocket: Connect, Configure, and Ask

Watch how easy it is to add data from Spark into AnswerRocket to create search-powered analytics and data visualizations.


Exploring Lending Club Data with Natural Language

This video shows how a non-technical user can ask questions in natural language to search and visualize loan data.


Natural Language Data Discovery and Visualization

What is AnswerRocket? Check out this short video to see the next generation of data discovery and visualization.

Search Is Just The Beginning.

Request a custom demo of AnswerRocket.

Search Is Just The Beginning.

Request a custom demo of AnswerRocket.