An AI Assistant for Enterprise Analytics

why ai?

Transform your analytics with AI

AnswerRocket helps you 10x your analytics productivity 
to drive towards better business outcomes.

Extract value from your data

Maximize return on your data investments – both structured and unstructured.

Increase speed to insights

Stay on top of your business performance with instant analysis and insights.

Understand “why” quickly

Pinpoint the drivers of metric changes so you can troubleshoot issues, fast.

ai Assistant

Meet Max, Your AI Data Analyst

Chat with Max to uncover actionable insights from your data.

Analyze data just by chatting

With Max, you can have a conversation about your business–anywhere, anytime. Our integration with OpenAI’s GPT-4 LLM lets you chat freely in your own words, as if you were engaging with a colleague.

Get answers to questions that matter

Max answers your toughest questions by using a toolkit of Skills to run descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analyses. Get answers to “what,” “why,” and “how,” questions with ease.

How am I tracking against my goal?

Why are my sales falling in the East?

What can I do about the inventory shortage?

Automate recurring analysis

Get your daily, weekly, and monthly analyses done in a snap. Max can automatically run your routine analysis on a schedule or upon data refresh, producing the same reports and presentations your team is used to receiving.

Tailored to your business

Max is fully customizable to reflect the way your business analyzes, visualizes, and talks about data. With Skill Studio, you can create specialized Skills and AI Assistants to help tackle your unique data analysis needs.


The AnswerRocket GenAI Analytics Platform

Everything you need to modernize your analytics capabilities

User-friendly chat interface

AI Assistants

Advanced ML-powered analytics

Enterprise-grade security & scalability

Best SaaS Product

use cases

Achieve your business goals

Give your teams specialized, actionable insights so they can confidently manage your business.

Grow Your Brands
Understand Customers
Forecast Demand
Reduce Churn

Trusted by leading organizations

Anheuser-Busch InBev has long recognized the power of analytics to spur growth and innovation in a highly competitive market. It’s why we partnered with AnswerRocket to deliver faster, deeper insights to our business.

sabine van den bergh
director brand strategy & insights europe, anheuser busch inbev

The classic cycle of getting a brief, data crunching, writing presentations, re-writing presentations, having more questions than answers, is always a key frustration when data is only accessible by trained analysts. AnswerRocket jumped out, immediately, as a potential solution, using natural language, as a way of getting answers on the fly without having to be a skilled analyst.

tony rimmer
global head of analytics, cereal partners worldwide

We can build actionable recommendations to our clients, better manage their portfolios, and utilize best-in-class metrics to help ourselves and the category grow.

jim schariest
business intelligence manager, national beverage

Our traditional reporting tools were proving too cumbersome to really find the insights we needed…in less than a month, AnswerRocket drove insights that had millions of dollars of impact.

stew chisam
president of hi-rez studios


Works with your data and tools

AnswerRocket connects to your data where it lives, and complements your current solutions for data management, business intelligence, and reporting.

Request a demo

Get a one-on-one demo to see how AnswerRocket helps your company make faster insights-driven decisions.

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