The State of AI in Business Intelligence: The Features You Should Look for Today

AI can be an elusive technology, given that it encompasses a broad range of features and implementations. And when it comes to business intelligence tools, it can be difficult to parse through AI buzzwords and understand the features that are actually available today.

Even more so, it’s a challenge to understand what AI can pragmatically accomplish for the business user.

In this eBook, The State of AI in Business Intelligence, we discuss how AI is revolutionizing BI, and in turn, how employees can be more effective in their roles.

Let’s break down the key elements that we discuss in the eBook and why they matter.

Let’s Talk AI in BI

With this resource, you’ll learn about:

Natural language technology 

Have you heard of natural language processing? You probably use it every day in tools like Google search. BI solutions are catching up with their own implementations.

What about natural language generation? Are you familiar with data insights that can be easily understood by non-technical users?

We cover both topics in depth.

Machine learning

All machine learning is AI, but not all AI is machine learning.

Understand how ML is actually used in BI tools and learn the difference between advanced applications of these algorithms and misleading marketing jargon.

Augmented analytics

Analytics technology designed for a business user is key to turning data into real action.

AI can “augment” our approach to data by handling the heavy processing, so that people can spend more time doing what they do best– creating innovative strategies to reach consumers, instead of wrangling numbers into reports.

And more…

With this resource, our goal is to educate readers on the technical terms they’ve either been hearing or will be hearing soon. AI has already impacted BI, and it’s unlikely to stop.

That’s why we want to both define these terms and explain their implementation in current BI tools, like AnswerRocket. In other words, you’ll get info on the basics of machine learning and how it parses through data to identify causes and correlations that wouldn’t be apparent on the surface of a standard data visualization.

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