Watch “The AI Opportunity: How CPGs Can Turn Speed Into Growth”

CPGs can harness the power of AI to better understand their data, eliminate the grunt work of routine reporting, and focus their efforts on strategic growth planning.

In this LEAD Conference webinar, sponsored by CPGmatters, AnswerRocket SVP Pete Reilly explains how AI-driven analytics platforms like AnswerRocket can help CPG professionals answer key business questions like “How did my brand do in Q2?” with comprehensive insights.

As Pete says:

“The key is getting from understanding to action 10x faster. At the end of the day, that speed of understanding what’s happening in the market and the ability to be able to react to it faster than your competition is what’s going to drive growth.”

Learn how AI enables CPG professionals to automate data insights so they can spend more time acting and less time waiting on analysts.

With the speed that AI affords, CPGs are better poised to pivot toward the most promising opportunities in the market and capitalize on every occasion for growth.

This webinar also includes a live product demo, so you can see AnswerRocket in action. Want to see how AnswerRocket can adapt to your business case? Fill out the form below to schedule a custom demo.

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