AnswerRocket’s GenAI Assistant Revolutionizes Enterprise Data Analysis

Industry-first GenAI analytics platform unlocks actionable business insights with Max, a highly customizable AI data analyst.

ATLANTA—Sept. 19, 2023AnswerRocket, an innovator in GenAI-powered analytics, today announced new features of its Max solution to help enterprises tackle a variety of data analysis use cases with purpose-built GenAI analysts.

Max offers a user-friendly chat experience for data analysis that integrates AnswerRocket’s augmented analytics with OpenAI’s GPT large language model, making sophisticated data analysis more accessible than ever. With Max, users can ask questions about their key business metrics, identify performance drivers, and investigate critical issues within seconds. The solution is compatible with all major cloud platforms, leveraging OpenAI and Azure OpenAI APIs to provide enterprise-grade security, scalability, and compliance. 

“AI has been reshaping what we thought was possible in the market research industry for the past two decades. Combined with high-quality and responsibly sourced data, we can now break barriers to yield transformative insights for innovation and growth for our clients,” said Ted Prince, Group Chief Product Officer, Kantar. “Technologies like AnswerRocket’s Max combined with Kantar data testify to the power of the latest technology and unrivaled data to shape your brand future.”

Following its March launch, AnswerRocket has been working with some of the largest enterprises in the world to solve critical data analysis challenges using Max. Highlighted applications of the GenAI analytics assistant include:

  • Automating over a dozen analytics workflows for a Fortune 500 global beverage leader, reducing time to insights by 80% and empowering decision-makers to respond quickly to market share and brand equity changes with data-driven action plans.
  • Helping a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company generate groundbreaking insights revealing the direct impact of sales activities on market share.
  • Empowering a global consumer packaged goods leader to quickly respond to macro market trends by generating insights from unstructured market research alongside structured company performance analysis.

“Today’s enterprises demand instant insights, and the traditional methods are no longer sufficient on their own,” said Alon Goren, CEO, AnswerRocket. “Max is enabling several of the world’s most recognizable brands to understand better what’s driving shifts in their business performance, effectively turning their vast data lakes and knowledge bases into a treasure trove of business insights.”

Max’s advanced capabilities solidify its position as the first GenAI assistant for data analysis built for the enterprise. Enhancements to the solution include:

  • Customizable Analyses: Out-of-the-box Skills used by Max for business performance analysis, including search, metric drivers, metric trend, competitor performance, and more. AnswerRocket also offers support for custom Skills using enterprises’ own models. Skills can be configured to reflect unique business rules, processes, language, outputs, etc. 
  • Structured and Unstructured Data Support: Max supports both tabular and text-based data analysis, allowing companies to glean insights from vast enterprise data, documents, and multiple data sources seamlessly in a single conversation.
  • Automation of Routine Analysis Workflows:  Max can execute multi-step analytics processes to free up analyst time for more strategic projects while giving business stakeholders timely analysis and self-service answers to ad hoc follow-up questions.
  • Integration with Third-party Tools: Embed the Max chat experience into tools like Power BI, Slack, Teams, and CRMs, enabling users to analyze their data in tools they’re already using.

“Max brings forward a seismic shift in how companies can transform their data into actionable intelligence with unprecedented speed,” continued Goren. “With Max, everyone within the enterprise can have immediate access to an AI analyst, providing them with prescriptive recommended actions and helping to guide them towards data-driven decisions.” 

AnswerRocket is a Platinum Sponsor of Big Data LDN, taking place on September 20-21, 2023 at Olympia in London. They will be showcasing their revolutionary GenAI analytics assistant, Max, alongside early adopters of the technology in three sessions:

  • Wednesday, September 20 from 4:40 – 5:10 p.m. – How CPW Scaled Data-Driven Decisions with Augmented Analytics & Gen AI (Chris Potter, Global Applied Analytics, Cereal Partners Worldwide; Joey Gaspierik, Enterprise Accounts, AnswerRocket)
  • Thursday, September 21 from 2:40 – 3:10 p.m. – How Anheuser-Busch InBev Unlocked Insights on Tap with a Gen AI Assistant (Elizabeth Davies, Senior Insights Manager, Budweiser – Europe, Anheuser-Busch InBev; Joey Gaspierik, Enterprise Accounts, AnswerRocket)
  • Thursday, September 21 from 4:00  – 4:30 p.m. –  Maximizing Data Investments with Automated GenAI Insights (Ted Prince, Group Chief Product Officer, Kantar; Alon Goren, CEO, AnswerRocket)

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About AnswerRocket

Founded in 2013, AnswerRocket is a generative AI analytics platform for data exploration, analysis, and insights discovery. It allows enterprises to monitor key metrics, identify performance drivers, and detect critical issues within seconds. Users can chat with Max–an AI assistant for data analysis–to get narrative answers, insights, and visualizations on their proprietary data. Additionally, AnswerRocket empowers data science teams to operationalize their models throughout the enterprise. Companies like Anheuser-Busch InBev, Cereal Partners Worldwide, Beam Suntory, Coty, EMC Insurance, Hi-Rez Studios, and National Beverage Corporation depend on AnswerRocket to increase their speed to insights. To learn more, visit


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