CGT’s Tech Trends: Let’s Talk Radical Change

We’re thrilled to participate in so much of this year’s Tech Trends Report from Consumer Goods Technology (CGT). Every year, CGT puts out a “state of the industry” report along with accompanying educational resources, including a webinar on the topic and a Data & Analytics Solutions Guide.

The theme for 2018 is simple: relevant responses to radical changes.

To put together the report, CGT spoke to readers to find out what technologies and tools were helping them keep up with the expanding and evolving needs of customers.

That all said, we wanted to take a moment to highlight the excellent resources CGT has put together. First, let’s discuss the report itself.

Relevant Responses to Radical Changes: The 15th Annual Tech Trends Report 2018

The report, authored by Lisa Terry, takes a careful look at how CPG companies are progressing in their efforts to succeed in the face of marketplace disruption.

As Terry explains, “Consumer goods companies are under tremendous pressure to interpret and respond to the evolving expectations of their targets: friction-free, multichannel shopping experiences; one-to-one relationships; authentic and transparent branding; socially and environmentally responsible conduct; and the near-instant availability of goods wherever, and whenever, they choose.”

Throughout the report, Terry offers concise summaries of the many ways companies are tackling this challenging, adaptive marketplace.

Plus, our very own Pete Reilly is interviewed within the report, offering his two cents on the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in the consumer goods industry. Pete states: “Fortunately, our industry benefits from the trifecta of AI skills: huge volumes of data that change over time, with many unknown underlying factors and complex effects of every decision.”

We highly recommend that you download the report today.

Download the Report Today

2018 Data & Analytics Solutions Guide

As part of their fall calendar of resources, CGT also released their 2018 Data & Analytics Solutions Guide. This guide comes complete with a comprehensive comparison chart of solution providers that are leading the way in the data and analytics space.

Alongside the listed company’s name, website, and specific product offering, the chart also details their key consumer goods clients and what features make them unique. For example, you can find out what companies are leveraging AI to create an augmented approach to analytics.

Accompanying the guide is an interview with our own Chief Scientist, Mike Finley, and Dan Mitchell, Director, Global Retail & CPG Practice at SAS.

Check Out the Data & Analytics Guide

Watch the On-Demand Webinar — Tech Trends 2018: Responding to Radical Change

This webinar examines key findings from the 2018 Tech Trends report, with specific attention to how artificial intelligence is impacting CPGs seeking omnichannel success.

Moderated by Peter Breen, Editor in Chief of Consumer Goods Technology, the webinar features Dan Jenski, Associate Director of Commercial Analytics for Mondelez International, Srivatsan Rajagopalan, VP and Lead of New Business Models for Johnson & Johnson, and Pete Reilly, SVP of Sales and Marketing for AnswerRocket.

Check out the webinar to learn actionable insights from these three experts in the space.

Watch the Webinar

As you can see, we’ve had a busy few months of collaboration with the team at CGT, and we’re proud to share these helpful resources with you all. Happy reading and listening!

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