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Igniting Business with Data Analytics

Learn how this global manufacturer and distributor of specialty electronic equipment used AnswerRocket to generate $3 million in revenue with an ROI of less than 2 weeks.

about customer

Created out of respect and passion for smart technology, our A/V customer was founded by technology integrators who saw a better way to do things. Since 2005, they’ve been making smart solutions for homes and businesses easy.

• Global supplier with $200M in revenue
• Sells electronic equipment to custom A/V professionals


Audio Visual Equipment


Charlotte, NC

Company size

1500 employees


Augmented Analytics Platform

The Problem

Curiosity is a vital part of our A/V customer’s culture. The president wants his team continuously exploring ways to improve their company performance, but their business intelligence methods made those efforts a challenge. If someone wanted to study an aspect of their business, it required pulling in a technical analyst.

“It might be a couple of hours, it might take a couple of days,” he said. Sometimes they would not bother asking their questions, because they were not sure the payoff would be worthwhile.

The Solution

AnswerRocket was installed for our customer’s category managers, as well as their marketing and finance groups. We pulled in more than 2G of data from their SAP system. Getting our A/V customer set up only took three weeks from kickoff to launch.

The Results

With AnswerRocket, the president of our A/V customer estimates 80 – 90% of those data requests can now be answered in seconds. Even better, they can be done by the business experts themselves when a question or idea comes up.

We quickly developed habits of looking at things more often and from more angles. AnswerRocket’s speed and easy access to data was a game changer.


In addition to saving time, AnswerRocket helped our customer identify and act on sizeable revenue opportunities.

Our customer’s business was growing, but they noticed a critical customer segment was not growing as much as the others. An initial theory tied this slow growth to a geographical area. They did some quick analysis and realized this was not the case. Then they looked at each segment and category. It was instantly evident our customer had an opportunity with their larger customers in a certain category of products. All of this took minutes to discover, just by asking questions within AnswerRocket.

Our A/V customer validated the situation by surveying customers in this segment and developed a program that will drive an additional $1 million in revenue this year.

Today, the president and his team use AnswerRocket daily to answer their business questions. The easy-to-understand user interface and search-like experience make analytics a breeze. He and his head of sales set up their own dashboard within 15 minutes.

You can see the wheels turning,” the president said. “AnswerRocket has ignited this, and that’s a really good thing for our organization.”

You can see the wheels turning, AnswerRocket has ignited this,
and that’s a really good thing for our organization.


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