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When Cereal Partners Worldwide decided it needed a more efficient way to capitalize on its abundance of data, AnswerRocket provided an analytics solution that empowered teams and users across the entire organization to do so with amazing results.


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CPW was founded by Nestlé and General Mills in 1990. Since then, the company has continued to grow thanks to its passionate employees and their wealth of experience. Although CPW is headquartered in Switzerland, the company has a global reach with more than 3,900 employees in 17 factories and 130 different countries around the world.

CPW is one of the leading breakfast cereal companies in the world and behind some of the world’s most iconic breakfast cereals brands – NESQUIK®, FITNESS®, CHEERIOS®, and CHOCAPIC® to name just but a few.

At CPW, our pursuit of a better breakfast will never end. For nearly two decades, CPW teams have been working on improving the recipes by increasing the amount of wholegrain, lowering the sugar and salt, and removing artificial colors and flavors.

To build a truly sustainable business, CPW continues to innovate and improve everything we do, from ingredient sourcing to product manufacturing to the way we work.For more information visit: https://www.nestle-cereals.com/.


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Augmented Analytics Platform

The Problem

Before working with AnswerRocket, the analytics team at Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW) wanted to explore how to make a step change in how analytics and analytical capabilities could be used to drive greater competitive advantage. As many CPG companies do, they were experiencing common analytics challenges such as too much time to pull and analyze data, cumbersome manual processes, and no ability to quickly query data to any depth. Impact was suboptimal.

The overarching vision of the global analytics team is to “apply analytics to drive business impact.”

This meant listening to the business, understanding and uncovering key pain points and having the capability to use the data and analytics to answer those questions in a meaningful way, at pace and at scale.

The opportunity was to build capability that would enable more of the business to be more data-led and empowered to make data-driven decisions to drive meaningful outcomes.

Why They Chose AnswerRocket

CPW’s desire was to find a partner that could offer an augmented analytics solution that would allow them to:

• Ask questions of the data using natural language
• Automate delivery of charts and insights with ease
• Provide fast, automated driver analysis
• Produce clear reporting of both trended data over time and for fixed periods (eg; MAT, YTD)
• Allow users to create new views on the fly
• Significantly reduce time spent on analysis

Plus, this was intended for non-technical data users across the business, so the solution had to be intuitive.

CPW was introduced to AnswerRocket via a trusted partner. After sitting in on a presentation by our team, Tony Rimmer, the Global Head of Analytics, said he was “blown away” not only by the capabilities of the tool, but also by the ease and intuitiveness of it. He saw how it satisfied a very large need that they had to bring data analysis practices into present-day standards.

The classic cycle of getting a brief, data crunching, writing presentations, re-writing presentations, having more questions than answers, is always a key frustration when data is only accessible by trained analysts. AnswerRocket jumped out, immediately, as a potential solution, using natural language, as a way of getting answers on the fly without having to be a skilled analyst.

tony rimmer
global head of analytics

How They Are Using AnswerRocket

AnswerRocket is helping the CPW team realize their “applied analytics” vision, empowering users to quickly dive into their market retail data and better understand:

• What is market share currently and why is it changing?
• How are brands and categories performing in the market?
• What segments are doing better or worse?
• How are competitors faring and where is there opportunity to win?

For CPW, there were a ton of use cases for AnswerRocket, but the end goal of incorporating the tool was less about what they could answer with it, but more about who could answer it.

AnswerRocket allowed for anyone, not just analysts, to get insights from their data. For the first time, users did not need to have SQL knowledge, a mastery of Excel or even the ability to understand a massive Power BI dashboard to get the information they needed to inform decisions within the business.

This means that for the first time, the data is democratized across the organization instead of being centrally focused with a team that holds the access and reports.

What They’ve Achieved

The democratization of data can open so many doors within any organization, and it did for CPW as well. Simple things like being able to sit in a meeting and answer questions instantly and discuss business challenges back and forth in a live setting were impossible before implementing AnswerRocket.

Because of this, AnswerRocket brings true “data literacy” to the teams using it.

Rather than having to glean insights from a spreadsheet or rely on analyst support, the goal is to get people “addicted to asking good questions” themselves, directly in the AnswerRocket platform.

CPW and other organizations have gone from being “data aware”—simply knowing that the data exists and in theory what can be pulled from it—to truly learning to interact with the data to drive business decisions.

AnswerRocket has taken CPW’s dated analytics practices and “leapfrogged them” into 2023 with an augmented analytics platform that will drive the vision of a data literate company. This is unbelievably empowering to the teams using the tool, as well as the organization as a whole.

At CPW, we understand the struggle of having an abundance of data but not enough time to make sense of it. That’s why in 2023 we launched AnswerRocket to the business, our solution to this problem. We have already seen the positive results of this decision, with our data now providing us with powerful opportunities for growth.

chris potter
global applied analytics

The AnswerRocket Difference

The key to success for adoption among the CPW organization?

Shifting the focus of AnswerRocket just being “another tool,” to a trusted companion.

AnswerRocket helps people to feel more confident interacting with the information that will help them drive business decisions, collaborating on training material and weekly video snapshots to drive engagement.

The Global Analytics Team in partnership with AnswerRocket are rolling out training across all key global, regional and local sales, marketing and commercial teams. New data sources are likely to be added in later 2023 and into 2024 to widen the access to data across other functions.

[We appreciate] the way you operate, your openness, your friendliness, your curiosity, your skills…your culture is something you want to keep…It’s a big part of your added value and it helps us as a client feel that we have a true, trusted partnership.

tony rimmer
global head of analytics

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