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Creating Analytical Efficiencies with AnswerRocket​

This Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer saw AnswerRocket as an opportunity to break the “age-old dashboard paradigm” of too much information and not enough insights.


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The Problem

The Commercial Analytics team at this Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer is responsible for analyzing data and providing insights for a pharmaceutical product once it hits the market, after FDA approval. This team’s success is critical as they create the strategy for product promotion in the market. This in turn allows physicians to start writing prescriptions for that medicine.

They had been through several traditional BI products, and with all of them, experienced the same predicament. These tools surfaced too much information to users, who struggled to interpret the resulting dashboards for actionable insights. 

To solve this issue, they needed a BI tool that enabled users to easily access the data they needed, guiding them toward insights to make data-driven decisions.

Why They Chose AnswerRocket

The Commercial Analytics team was initially intrigued by AnswerRocket because of its use of AI and machine learning to make analytics more approachable to business users. 

The team saw AnswerRocket as an opportunity to break the “age-old dashboard paradigm” with a series of differentiators that set them apart from the BI solutions they had tried in the past.

Those differentiators included:

  • The ability to extend the AnswerRocket product as needed means that models previously only usable by data scientists are now accessible to business users for self-service analytics.
  • AnswerRocket’s Automated Deck Generation means far less time is spent creating decks so that more time can be spent providing insights and diving deeper into data that needs further review. The new decks from AnswerRocket are also much shorter and more concise, making them less intimidating to the average user.
  • The ability to build new skills as needed and the depth of those skills. Because AnswerRocket makes data insights available to more users, the questions that need to be answered by the data have become greater and more varied.

The KPI Drivers skill was an appealing feature to the team for its ability to provide some good insights.

Drill down path and follow-up were features that they did not see heavily in other solutions. This skill would give them the ability to drill down, find the outlier, and find what dimensions might be causing that outlier and then create follow-ups.

These platform features were a big draw for this Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer but the deciding factor came down to the AnswerRocket team and the support and guidance they provided along the way. Right from the beginning, the team at this Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer could sense that AnswerRocket was a good cultural fit for them. 

How They Are Using AnswerRocket

The Manufacturer has been using AnswerRocket’s natural language-powered solution across different business use cases and groups. They’ve also been supported by AnswerRocket to deploy custom analytical skills using AI and machine learning. Some of the specific groups who have benefited from AnswerRocket are:

The team responsible for analyzing market penetration data, whose goal is to understand what is driving a brand’s performance. 

Before using AnswerRocket, this team was bogged down by data existing in different places and from different sources. As such, gathering insights from the data is time consuming and challenging. 

After using AnswerRocket, they have automated the analysis of 10 Brand Reports which help understand the impact of insurance coverage on overall brand performance. 

The operations team that supports field sales, whose goal is to track the various forms of engagement that sales reps have for different teams and regions. This helps them ultimately understand how sales teams are impacting sales trends, and what activities/communications are performing best in the field. 

Before, methods for analyzing this data had to be done using standard BI tools that took a long time and a significant amount of data engineering to accomplish. Data was pulled from a database into Excel, where it was analyzed by a third party which is time consuming, expensive and limited in what can be answered by each analysis. 

Now that they’re using AnswerRocket, the data is in the hands of the teams who need it most. The sales team managers now have the ability to look at how their team is performing on the fly, and understand where improvements need to be made.

What They’ve Achieved

For the team at this Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, the biggest thing they’ve gained since working with AnswerRocket has been efficiency. 

AnswerRocket has been able to build Automated Decks for all of the pre-existing executive PowerPoint presentations which has made the process seamless. Because AnswerRocket decks are automated, they only need to be refreshed and not recreated to get updated insights, there is “big value in just reducing our operational overhead and letting people focus on the analytics of reviewing those decks and adding their enrichments.”

Prior to working with AnswerRocket, the team was manually creating decks with nearly 200 slides in PowerPoint. Now users are able to get the information they need within automated, interactive decks that are a fraction of the size. They’re also able to drill down into analysis when they come upon an interesting insight. By reducing the legwork, the team has experienced huge efficiency gains in their analytics process.

Additionally, the analytics team has found AnswerRocket has been helpful in sharing important information with senior executives. Rather than having to parse through an entire deck every week to find areas of interest or concern, they are now able to check AnswerRocket for a quick snapshot of changes that have taken place. Once outliers and trends are spotted, team members are able to act quickly and mobilize the necessary resources.

Future Plans for Using the Tool

  • More Data, More Questions. Now that the team is utilizing AnswerRocket and creating efficiencies in their data, the goal is to add more data to the platform and be able to answer even more questions in the future. 
  • Greater Adoption. This Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer aims to increase organizational adoption by utilizing the natural language capabilities of AnswerRocket to overcome technical barriers and encourage self-service on the platform.

This includes less-technical roles that might find AnswerRocket more approachable than a traditional BI tool. For senior executives, the aim is to steer them away from manually running Python scripts for PowerPoint presentations, and instead encourage the use of automated decks. This shift towards automation allows for smoother workflows and more efficient use of their valuable time.

  • Better Insights. The team looks forward to leveraging more models that were previously only accessible to data scientists and more technical users; and giving access to broader teams for faster insights that will fuel their go-to-market strategies.

Additionally, they would like to add additional information to the platform. This includes presenting scores on a specific dashboard, highlighting outlier health systems where patients may receive disparate treatment and experiencing varying outcomes.

Lastly, this Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer hopes to get a more overarching view of their prescription data. The goal is to bring geographical sales team performance data into a database alongside the brand and managed market data. Users would gain visibility into how insurance coverage affects their brands, as well as the impact of sales teams in different regions. The ability to assess these dynamics would provide valuable insights for brand management and strategy.

We’re giving people a richer experience so they can make better decisions and we can start getting more precise with how we go to a market.

senior director of commercial analytics

The AnswerRocket Difference

It’s not just the features of our platform that make us shine, it’s our amazing team! We’ve received positive feedback from so many valuable customers who recognize that our greatest asset is our people.

We deeply value and appreciate the kind words and the exceptional teamwork displayed by both our internal colleagues and our customers.

Our interactions with you guys have shown you bring high-quality people to the table…that work effectively with us that seem committed. I think that hiring and talent, if you get too big, too fast, you’ve got to make sure you keep really good, committed talent on board.

senior director of commercial analytics

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