Data-Driven Marketing: 4 Ways To Build Your Team

Your leadership expects this year to be a watershed moment for digital marketing. According to a recent Forbes Insight study, 91% of senior executives agreed data-driven marketing is crucial to their company’s success.

And it’s more than just lip service. More than half of the respondents said they plan to invest from $25M to $100M in data analytics over the next two years.

How do these leaders from retail, advertising, media, and more think that money should be spent? 31% of respondents answered “technology.” That’s a broad category that covers state-of-the-art systems and tools to collect, synthesize, and interpret your data.

But executives put an even greater emphasis on people. 69% said their top priority was one of three personnel-related topics:

  • Organizational structure (30%)
  • Culture (20%)
  • Talent (19%)

Credit: Forbes Insight

So now that you have executive expectations and budget. How exactly will you build a best-in-class data-driven digital marketing team?

  1. Recruit those with top-notch skills. Kellogg’s School of Business offers great tips on how to attract – and then keep – these big data experts.
  2. Train those you already have. Help your team grow their analytical skills with the following resources:
  3. Create a Data-Driven Culture. What exactly does that mean? Chief Marketer gives suggestions on how to grow a team environment that embraces business intelligence. (Hint: It’s not about the technology.)
  4. Give them tools that make it easy to do the work. It’s hard to transform a marketer into a data scientist – and frankly, probably not a great idea. But give your team user-friendly analytics tools, and they can much more quickly optimize your digital marketing spend without having to wait for IT. This should make for a much happier and more profitable year

Photo by Gary Knight CC BY

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