How to Drive Digital Transformation With AI and Machine Learning

At the forefront of digital transformation in business are AI and machine learning. These technologies are changing the way business is done and driving more value in analytics and data insights.

This TDWI report, Driving Digital Transformation Using AI and Machine Learning, reveals the latest research on the business intelligence and analytics market, as well as best practices for a successful transformation.

TDWI specializes in educating business and IT professionals about the strategies and tools necessary to create, maintain, and enhance data and analytics across an organization.

Designed for business leaders, this report explores AI and machine learning as they’re currently implemented and where these technologies will go in the future.×

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This TDWI report covers topics like:

How AI is Used in Digital Transformation Right Now

Why do 90% of respondents surveyed in this report think AI is a competitive advantage?

From automating work to augmenting intelligence, the use cases for AI are growing, as are the investments companies are putting toward deployments.

AI has already arrived. What do businesses need to know to capitalize on this technology before they get left behind?

The State of AI and Augmented Intelligence

Half of respondents believe automating the generation of insights with augmented intelligence tools is a dominant use case for AI.

This report dives further into the ways humans can augment their own intelligence and workflows with AI to make smarter decisions.

Plus, it discusses the nuances of machine learning and why it dominates AI technology. As stated in the report:

“BI and analytics solutions can also employ machine learning to explore data automatically and spot trends and patterns that users working with standard querying and reporting capabilities may not have seen.”

The Case for Open Source AI

Concern over the “black box” and biased insights aren’t unfounded, which is why transparent, open source AI technology is critical.

Survey respondents are “big believers” in tools such as R and Python. Open source AI vendors recognize the value in allowing IT departments to deploy their own models within a proprietary solution.

Success Factors for Digital Transformation with AI and Machine Learning

Do you know what data infrastructure you need to support AI? Quality data and streamlined pipelines are critical. Having the right team is paramount, too.

The best practices outlined in this report explain which users can leverage augmented intelligence analytics and how to determine the skill sets needed for successful AI deployment.

Get the report recommendations for a successful digital transformation with AI and machine learning.

How to Drive Digital Transformation With AI and Machine Learning
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