Discover AnswerRocket: Unlocking the Power of AI for Your Enterprise Data Analysis

We talked to our own Ryan Goodpaster, Enterprise Accounts, and discussed how AnswerRocket utilizes natural language processing, AI, machine learning, and GPT to help customers gain rapid insights from their enterprise data. AnswerRocket aims to tackle the challenge of time-consuming data analysis and empower analysts to focus on strategic decision-making.

Watch the video below or read the transcript to learn more.

Ryan: My name is Ryan Goodpaster. I’m one of the sales guys here at AnswerRocket. Been with the company six years. And what we do is we help our customers get insights out of their enterprise data in seconds, using techniques like natural language processing, natural language generation, AI and machine learning, model integration, and now GPT. 

What problem does AnswerRocket help solve?

Ryan: Most of our customers, when they first come to AnswerRocket, they’re leveraging something like a dashboard to track their business performance. And when they see something has changed, a number has gone up or down, their next question is typically, why? And it takes a long time to answer that. It’s a lot of manual analysis. And so we leverage AI and machine learning and now GPT to take a natural language question like, why are my sales down? And help them get an answer to that in seconds so that they can spend more time doing what they were hired to do. And that’s being human and coming up with solutions and strategy, not digging through data. 

How does AnswerRocket improve enterprise data analysis?

Ryan: The solution to the problem of “it takes too much time to get through data” is I need to hire more analysts. But what I’m sure everybody has seen in the marketplace and in the talent pool is there’s just not enough analysts to hire. Right? And it’s hard to retain them. So by giving them things that make them more efficient and get them better answers to serve up to their customers, you have happier analysts. They’re more efficient, and you don’t have to hire as many. You get more production out of all of the talent that you’ve already got with all of the business knowledge that they’ve learned over the years. 

Why are customers excited about Max, our AI assistant for analysis?

Ryan: Most everybody that I’ve talked to is really excited about Max. They want Max yesterday. So we are working very hard to deliver that to them, especially our current customers. I don’t see very many people being scared of it, because it’s one of those things where you have to get on board with it or you’ll get left behind, right? Everybody and every company that I’m talking to is trying to figure out, how do we leverage GPT, not only for analytics, but across the entire organization? How do we make ourselves more efficient in these current times? 

Conclusion: AnswerRocket’s analytics AI assistant, Max, powered by GPT, excites customers as it promises to enhance efficiency and effectiveness across organizations. Organizations recognize that embracing AI and GPT is crucial for staying competitive in today’s dynamic landscape. By leveraging GPT and AI technologies, companies can stay competitive and optimize their operations while making data-driven decisions swiftly and effortlessly. 

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