Optimize retail operations with GenAI-powered Retail analytics and insights


Meet Max, a GenAI Assistant
for Retail teams

Increase sales and market share with an AI assistant that helps retailers optimize performance and identify growth opportunities.

Analyze retail data just by chatting

Chat with Max to gain valuable insights on your market, channel, store, product, and customer data – anywhere, anytime. Our integration with OpenAI’s GPT-4 LLM lets you chat naturally in your own words.

Get answers to questions that matter

Max answers your toughest questions by using a toolkit of Skills to run descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analyses. Get answers to “what,” “why,” and “how,” questions with ease.

What’s driving my average order value?

How are returns trending?

Why are Atlanta store sales falling?

Automate recurring retail analysis

Say goodbye to manual analysis, while giving your team the same reports and presentations they know and love. Max automates your daily, weekly, and monthly analysis on schedule or upon data refresh.

Tailored to your retail business

Max is fully customizable to reflect the way your business analyzes, visualizes, and talks about data. Create specialized AI Assistants to help tackle your unique data analysis needs.

Get actionable insights for better decisions across your organization

Category Manager

Outpace your competitors with fast, automated insights that help drive product pricing, marketing tactics, strategic promotions, and more.

Retail Buyers

Proactively automate analysis so you can keep a pulse on market share, spot emerging trends, and identify where the best growth opportunities are.

Merchandise Planner

Analyze merchandise performance, forecast sales and answer “what if?” questions in seconds, and get in-depth insights.

AnswerRocket helps me on a daily basis with account analytics. It consolidates our account review, which helps us get to our SKU rationalization by way of quadrant analysis, and through that quadrant analysis we understand how products are performing and we can build actionable recommendations to our clients, better manage their portfolios, and utilize best-in-class metrics to help ourselves and the category grow.

Jim schariest
Business Intelligence Manager, National Beverage


Actionable Insights for Category Growth

One of the largest soft drink companies in the US, National Beverage, wanted to generate actionable insights from their Nielsen and SPINS data.

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