Market Research & Brand Analysis for CPGs: Start with AnswerRocket’s AI

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To get products to the shelf and into the hands of customers, CPGs make a myriad of marketing decisions to best position their brands. With so many contributing factors, how do you understand what truly impacts the end result?

For many CPG professionals, this question is buried in a backlog of reporting requests that takes days or weeks for data analysts to answer.

That’s why AnswerRocket leverages AI to tell the story from your data. AnswerRocket analyzes all of your data and pinpoints how different metrics — like sales and brand penetration — relate to and affect each other.

With this data narrative, CPGs can quickly understand what’s happening with their brands and pivot toward actions backed by comprehensive analysis.

Let’s take a look at two AI-powered AnswerRocket features that CPGs love.

Brand Health Analysis

AnswerRocket’s KPI Researcher analyzes all possible combinations of your data to pinpoint the drivers behind your brand’s health. Simply put, we don’t just tell you how your brand is performing — we explain why, with a full breakdown of each contributing factor.

With our brand health analysis, CPGs receive a detailed explanation of how their brand did, as well as a prioritization of the metrics that most impacted the results.

This explanation is written in natural language that’s easy for business people to understand, meaning that you can spend more time and energy on executing strategy instead of piecing together dashboards or waiting for data analysts to interpret visualizations.

AnswerRocket completes this in-depth analysis fast, turning your data into actionable insights.

See AnswerRocket’s brand health analysis in action.

CPG Market Share Research

Designed specifically for CPGs, AnswerRocket’s Market Share Researcher automates complex, deep dive analysis, identifying and breaking down the key drivers that determine your performance against your competitors.

Have you ever wondered how your pricing strategy affects your market share, or how your distribution compares to your competition?

Market Share Researcher evaluates which factors contribute the most to market share gains and losses, quantifying the business impact in dollars.

With this comprehensive analysis, business people are well-positioned to prioritize the growth opportunities with the greatest potential to gain market share.

See AnswerRocket’s Market Share Researcher in action.

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