Max Analyzes Your CPG Data

No matter the type of data your organization uses, or the data provider it comes from, Max can accelerate your time to insights.

Are you using the following types of data?

  • Syndicated Data: Retail market, media, panel, brand equity, distribution, trade promotions
  • Unstructured Data: Documents & reports, presentations, emails & transcripts, web content, social posts, customer feedback
  • Operational Data: Sales, financial, marketing, supply chain
  • Retailer Data: Point-of-sale (POS), inventory

Are you working with any of these data providers?

Let Max be your AI Assistant for CPG data analysis!

CPG Use Cases Max Can Help You With

Brand Equity Analysis
Demand Forecasting
SKU Rationalization
Field Sales Analysis

…And More!

Learn how Max analyzes
ALL of your CPG data with GenAI

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