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The ultimate AI Assistant for data analysis

ai Assistant

Analyze your data 10x faster with Max

Available whenever you need
Understands your business and data
Built-in advanced analytics Skills
Turns raw data into readable insights

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With Max, Beam Suntory can automate routine tasks and gain valuable insights from data, allowing us to make more informed decision. I see the potential for Max to become a powerful tool for analyzing a combination of external, macro, and internal data.

global head of analytics & bi, beam suntory

ai Assistant

Analyze your data 10x faster with Max

Connected to your data

Max works with your data where it lives and can analyze structured tables or unstructured documents with ease.

Ask questions in your own words

Max understands natural language, thanks to OpenAI’s GPT-4, the same large language model powering ChatGPT.

Get answers you can understand

Max responds with an easy-to-read narrative that highlights key findings from the analysis.

Interact with visualizations

Answers are accompanied with visualizations and data tables you can click into.

Ask follow up questions

Continue the conversation by clicking on suggested questions or asking your own follow-ups.

See how answers were generated

View the SQL queries and analysis parameters that were ran by Max to produce an answer.

Get actionable insights on your business

Max is equipped with analytical Skills to analyze your business performance

Business Performance

Evaluate your latest performance

Sales Performance

See how you’re doing on sales KPIs

Metric Drivers

Identify drivers behind metric changes

Financial Planning & Analysis

Trend and forecast financial performance

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