Mike Talks Max on Inside Analysis Podcast

Mike Finley, AnswerRocket Co-Founder, CTO and Chief Scientist joins Eric Kavanagh on his podcast, Inside Analysis.

You can listen to Mike’s episode of Inside Analysis on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. You can also watch the video below on YouTube.

On this episode of the podcast, Eric sits down to talk with our very own Mike Finley about all things chatbots, large language models, and generative AI. 

AnswerRocket has long been using natural language to help businesses have conversations with their data. With the emergence of OpenAI and ChatGPT, this capability has taken a huge leap forward. This is because LLMs are really good at:

  1. Understanding what humans mean.
  2. Understanding what they are trying to achieve.

How is this different from how we’ve traditionally gleaned insights from our data?

For years, we’ve made humans learn how to talk like computers, and speak in computer code. We can now finally ask a question in our language and get an answer back in our language. That is the true benefit of large language models and generative AI.

Mike makes a couple of great points about working with LLMs: 

You have to to “treat it like a human coworker…you have to train them on your business, make sure they are an expert in that area that you’re talking about, and you would fact check their results…”

LLMs like GPT are great because it knows a lot about general things, but it doesn’t know anything specific about your business and your data. 

This is where Max comes in. Max is a co-pilot for your business that helps with AnswerRocket’s BI initiatives.

AnswerRocket’s Max can dive in and understand your business and your data while GPT can communicate those insights in plain English with end users. 

While organizations may have concerns about sharing their data with the most used chatbot in the world, Mike assures us that the Max solution and its connection with OpenAI is built for enterprises.

→ When we connect to OpenAI on behalf of customers, we use a private instance purchased just for the customer, it’s just as private and secure as anything else you might be using in the cloud.

→ Max comes with all the features of an enterprise level BI tool such as role management, security, role-level data isolation, etc. 

The implications of this type of technology are huge for businesses looking to get valuable insights quickly. As Mike points out, large language models or “intelligence on tap” is the ultimate power tool for business. 

Visit answerrocket.com/max/ to learn more exploring and analyzing your data 10x faster with AI. 

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