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AnswerRocket works with Circana.

About Circana

IRI and NPD came together in 2023 to become the world’s leading advisor on the complexity of consumer behavior.

They set themselves apart based on three pillars: the most complete view, unparalleled technology, and deep industry expertise.

CIRCANA PROUDLY offers its customers:

Market: Analyze shopping behavior across all industries and categories with the only global single-source view available.
Consumer: Stay ahead of complex consumer behavior with clear, accurate insights into omnichannel dynamics.
Innovation: Explore the competitive landscape and improve your odds of success across the entire product lifecycle.
Marketing: Improve your media spend and increase your ROI with unprecedented clarity on consumer engagement.
Analytics: Measure, predict, and improve performance with speed and accuracy precisely when critical decision-making is needed.
Supply Chain: Optimize inventory planning and execution with globally tested solutions and value-driven processes.
Technology: Uncover opportunities and unlock growth with cross-industry data and advanced analytics on our industry-leading platform.
Collaboration Getaways: Work efficiently and effectively in retail with insights that improve sales and average consumer spend.
Liquid Data Go™: Answer your business questions and identify growth potential with an affordable platform built for emerging brands.
Circana Marketplace: The power of an open and expanding partner ecosystem, accessible within a single technology platform.

Why You Should Use AnswerRocket with
Circana for AI Data Analysis

Faster, Actionable

Unlock advanced analytics capabilities via generative AI and a conversational interface to get richer insights, on demand.

Democratized data & analytics

Give team members safe, secure access to the data and analysis they need to optimize business performance.

Greater ROI
from Your Data

Make the most of your data warehouse investment by putting your data to work to guide data-driven decisions at scale.

Types of Circana Data You Can Analyze with AnswerRocket

Consumer and ShopperRetail and eCommerce
Consumer buying behavior is more complex than ever and changing at a rapid pace. There remains a need for insights everywhere consumers shop.

That’s where Circana comes in. Circana provides clarity into omnichannel dynamics. They can also tell you who bought your products, the tradeoff decisions they make, what product characteristics fuel sales among key consumer segments, and where they are most likely to purchase. It’s all located on a single user platform so you can make confident decisions with the most accurate insight available.
Analyzing in-store and online shopping behavior is complex. There’s never been a global, single-source view available across all industries and categories until now.

Circana’s suite of market measurement solutions give you access to our industry-leading POS data, which is unparalleled in measuring market size, share, and trend over time. No other company provides a more granular view of what’s selling at retail, across as many industries.

Circana + AnswerRocket =
Actionable Insights from Your Data

Ask questions in your own words

Query your Circana data in place using natural language search to get quick answers, insights, and visualizations.

Automate recurring analysis

Automate your routine analysis to produce interactive decks that can be shared across your organization.

Understand drivers of performance changes

Quickly get to the “why?” behind changes in your KPIs by using machine learning to identify top drivers behind a metric change.

Chat with Max, your ChatGPT-like data analyst

Let Max act as your AI assistant for analytics to assist you with business performance analysis. Simply chat with Max to get instant answers and insights about your key metrics, performance drivers, trends, forecasts, and more.

Ready to learn more?

Get the most out of your data on Circana with AnswerRocket’s augmented analytics platform powered by AI + machine learning.

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