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About IRi

As one of the original innovators in big data, IRI integrates the world’s largest set of otherwise disconnected purchase, media, social, causal and loyalty data to help CPG, retail, over-the-counter health care and media companies grow their businesses. IRI combines this data with predictive analytics to uncover new consumer insights and integrate them on the most technologically-advanced, cloud-based visualization platform, IRI Liquid Data®. Whether it’s analyzing how to make your assortment, pricing and promotions more profitable, tailoring your media strategies to likely purchasers of your brand, or guiding you through new product or market planning, they ensure that your business can better leverage data to help you grow.

IRI solutions offers its customers:

Market Performance and Strategy: Track, assess and innovate – in store and out
Consumer and Shopper: Deeper understanding of attitudes and behaviors
Analytics and In-Market Execution: Prescriptive analytics expertise to uncover growth pockets
Media: Connecting consumers viewing and buying
Retail: Powerful Solutions for more loyal shoppers
Big Data Technology: Driving faster and better decisions
CPG Economic Indicators: Track demand, supply, channel shift and other key metrics

Why You Should Use AnswerRocket with
IRI for AI Data Analysis

Faster, Actionable

Unlock advanced analytics capabilities via generative AI and a conversational interface to get richer insights, on demand.

Democratized data & analytics

Give team members safe, secure access to the data and analysis they need to optimize business performance.

Greater ROI
from Your Data

Make the most of your data warehouse investment by putting your data to work to guide data-driven decisions at scale.

Types of IRi Data You Can Analyze with AnswerRocket

Consumer and ShopperRetail
The future of CPG is about bringing a one-to-one shopper-centric marketing and execution strategy to drive growth. IRI’s Consumer and Shopper solutions focus on leveraging our shopper marketing cloud of vast data for deep shopper insights, segment planning, opportunity sizing and activation strategies that empower companies to win the sale and the shopper.The world of retail is evolving quickly, from experimentation with new brick-and-mortar store formats to the rising impact of e-commerce. Consumer preferences and expectations are also changing, including where they shop and what they buy. To win, retailers and their supplier partners need faster access to integrated insights which are supported by technology that enables faster decision-making and better collaboration.

IRi + AnswerRocket =
Actionable Insights from Your Data

Ask questions in your own words

Query your IRi data in place using natural language search to get quick answers, insights, and visualizations.

Automate recurring analysis

Automate your routine analysis to produce interactive decks that can be shared across your organization.

Understand drivers of performance changes

Quickly get to the “why?” behind changes in your KPIs by using machine learning to identify top drivers behind a metric change.

Chat with Max, your ChatGPT-like data analyst

Let Max act as your AI assistant for analytics to assist you with business performance analysis. Simply chat with Max to get instant answers and insights about your key metrics, performance drivers, trends, forecasts, and more.

Ready to learn more?

Get the most out of your data on IRi with AnswerRocket’s augmented analytics platform powered by AI + machine learning.

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