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NPD is now a part of Circana. See how AnswerRocket works with Circana data.

About NPD

As consumers’ tastes change and the retail landscape evolves, new business opportunities and threats abound. NPD is a global market information company offering data, industry expertise, and prescriptive analytics to help clients understand today’s retail landscape and prepare for the future. More than 2,000 companies worldwide rely on NPD to help them measure, predict, and improve performance across all channels, including brick-and-mortar, e-commerce, and B2B. NPD helps clients understand what is selling, who is buying, and the why behind the buy. NPD’s clients use this information to make decisions across nearly every aspect of business, including sales, marketing, demand planning, distribution/assortment planning, product development, and more.

nielseniq solutions offer their customers the ability to:

Best-in-class Data: Pinpoint growth opportunities and benchmark performance with industry-leading point-of-sale (POS), consumer, and distributor data.
Industry Expertise: Leveraging unmatched data assets and industry expertise, NPD delivers actionable insights to help companies boost their bottom line.
Prescriptive Analytics: Quantify demand for new and existing products while zeroing in on the right customer segments and opportunities to target.

Why You Should Use AnswerRocket with
NPD for AI Data Analysis

Faster, Actionable

Unlock advanced analytics capabilities via generative AI and a conversational interface to get richer insights, on demand.

Democratized data & analytics

Give team members safe, secure access to the data and analysis they need to optimize business performance.

Greater ROI
from Your Data

Make the most of your data warehouse investment by putting your data to work to guide data-driven decisions at scale.

Types of NPD Data You Can Analyze with AnswerRocket

Retail TrackingCheckout OmnichannelDistributor TrackingConsumer Tracking
Our industry-leading point-of-sale (POS) data is unparalleled in measuring market size, share, and trend over time.Leveraging an omnichannel panel of 150,000 consumers, our Checkout service provides the total picture of what’s happening online and in stores and how that’s changing over time.In addition to sell-through information, NPD offers supply chain detail in the foodservice industry for a broader view of the trends shaping your business.The 8 million nationally-representative interviews that NPD conducts each year measure consumers’ purchasing behavior and attitudes across retailers and channels.

NPD + AnswerRocket =
Actionable Insights from Your Data

Ask questions in your own words

Query your NPD data in place using natural language search to get quick answers, insights, and visualizations.

Automate recurring analysis

Automate your routine analysis to produce interactive decks that can be shared across your organization.

Understand drivers of performance changes

Quickly get to the “why?” behind changes in your KPIs by using machine learning to identify top drivers behind a metric change.

Chat with Max, your ChatGPT-like data analyst

Let Max act as your AI assistant for analytics to assist you with business performance analysis. Simply chat with Max to get instant answers and insights about your key metrics, performance drivers, trends, forecasts, and more.

Ready to learn more?

Get the most out of your data on NPD with AnswerRocket’s augmented analytics platform powered by AI + machine learning.

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