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About PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system with over 35 years of active development that has earned it a strong reputation for reliability, feature robustness, and performance.

PostgreSQL has earned a strong reputation for its proven architecture, reliability, data integrity, robust feature set, extensibility, and the dedication of the open source community behind the software to consistently deliver performant and innovative solutions.

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postgresql proudly offers its customers:

Support for a Variety of Data Types: Primitives, Structured, Document, Geometry, Customizations
Data Integrity: UNIQUE, NOT NULL, Primary Keys, Foreign Keys, Exclusion Constraints, Explicit Locks, Advisory Locks
Concurrency, Performance: Indexing, Advanced Indexing, Sophisticated Query Planner, Transactions, Nested Transactions, Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC), Parallelization of read queries and building B-tree indexes, Table Partitioning, All transaction isolation levels defined in the SQL standard, including Serializable. Just-in-time (JIT) compilation of expressions.
Reliability, Disaster Recovery: Write-ahead Logging (WAL), Replication: Asynchronous, Synchronous, Logical. Point-in-time-recovery (PITR), active standbys. Tablespaces.
Security: Authentication: GSSAPI, SSPI, LDAP, SCRAM-SHA-256, Certificate, and more. Robust access-control system. Column and row-level security. Multi-factor authentication with certificates and an additional method.
Extensibility: Stored functions and procedures. Procedural Languages: PL/pgSQL, Perl, Python, and Tcl. SQL/JSON path expressions. Foreign data wrappers, Customizable storage interface for tables and many extensions that provide additional functionality.
Internationalism, Text Search: Support for international character sets, Case-insensitive and accent-insensitive collation. Full-text search.

Why You Should Use AnswerRocket with
PostgreSQL for AI Data Analysis

Faster, Actionable

Unlock advanced analytics capabilities via generative AI and a conversational interface to get richer insights, on demand.

Democratized data & analytics

Give team members safe, secure access to the data and analysis they need to optimize business performance.

Greater ROI
from Your Data

Make the most of your data warehouse investment by putting your data to work to guide data-driven decisions at scale.

PostgreSQL + AnswerRocket =
Actionable Insights from Your Data

Ask questions in your own words

Query your PostgreSQL data in place using natural language search to get quick answers, insights, and visualizations.

Automate recurring analysis

Automate your routine analysis to produce interactive decks that can be shared across your organization.

Understand drivers of performance changes

Quickly get to the “why?” behind changes in your KPIs by using machine learning to identify top drivers behind a metric change.

Chat with Max, your ChatGPT-like data analyst

Let Max act as your AI assistant for analytics to assist you with business performance analysis. Simply chat with Max to get instant answers and insights about your key metrics, performance drivers, trends, forecasts, and more.

Ready to learn more?

Get the most out of your data on PostgreSQL with AnswerRocket’s augmented analytics platform powered by AI + machine learning.

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