Unlock data-driven decisions with the power of AI

Elevate finance data analysis with Max, your GenAI Assistant

Harness the power of AI analytics to transform how you analyze and get insights from your financial data.

Get answers to your most critical finance questions

How are our current investments performing?

What factors are influencing our revenue fluctuations?

Which cost-saving measures have the most impact?

Data-driven insights can help finance functions provide better support. Gone are the days when traditional financial reporting, such as the profit and loss statement, balance sheet, cash flow, and simple variance analysis are enough.

Why the future of finance will be data-driven

AI-powered decision intelligence for finance teams

Stay on top of your financial metrics

Always know how you’re doing with ad hoc analysis on your finance KPIs

Act on finance issues and opportunities quickly

Easily pinpoint problems and growth areas to optimize performance

Monitor financial trends and predict future performance

Keep track of your financial trajectory and forecast with confidence

Automate recurring data analysis

Financial Planning and Analysis

Analyze financials to guide budgeting, forecasting, and business strategy

Demand Forecasting

Predict future demand, using historical sales data, market trends, and ML algorithms

Driver Analysis

Identify and understand the factors that impact your business performance

Business Performance Reporting

Analyze your operational, financial, and strategic performance

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