Unlock data-driven decisions with the power of AI

Elevate marketing data analysis with Max, your GenAI Assistant

Harness the power of AI analytics to transform how you analyze and get insights from your marketing data.

Get answers to your most critical marketing questions

What marketing channels are most effective?

Why are conversions down versus last year?

Which segments should we focus our campaigns on?

[Data-driven marketing] unlocks value for the business, marketers, and customers. Businesses can increase sales from campaigns by 15% on average and double-down on their return on advertising spend (ROAS).

How data-driven marketing helps serve the customer of the future (2022)

AI-powered decision intelligence for marketing teams

Stay on top of your marketing metrics

Always know how you’re doing with ad hoc analysis on your marketing KPIs

Act on marketing issues and opportunities quickly

Easily pinpoint problems and growth areas to optimize performance

Monitor marketing trends and predict future performance

Keep track of your marketing trajectory and forecast with confidence

Automate recurring data analysis

Market Share Analysis

Assess your company’s portion of total sales in its industry compared to its competitors

Consumer Analysis

Analyze consumer behaviors, preferences, and trends

Brand Equity Analysis

Assess your brand’s value based on consumer perceptions, loyalty, and recognition

SKU Rationalization

Evaluate your product offerings to determine which items should be kept, discontinued, or introduced

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