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Elevate supply chain data analysis with Max, your GenAI Assistant

Harness the power of AI analytics to transform how you analyze and get insights from your supply chain data.

Get answers to your most critical supply chain questions

Why are our average delivery times increasing?

How can we optimize inventory across different locations?

Which suppliers are most reliable in terms of quality and delivery time?

In the past five years, analytics and AI have become increasingly important to many companies’ business. These powerful tools are enabling companies to automate tasks they never could before while providing much deeper insights companies can use to make faster, better decisions to improve business performance.

Supply chain analytics and AI in driving relevance, resilience and responsibility (2021)

AI-powered decision intelligence for supply chain teams

Stay on top of your supply chain metrics

Always know how you’re doing with ad hoc analysis on your supply chain KPIs

Act on supply chain issues and opportunities quickly

Easily pinpoint problems and growth areas to optimize performance

Monitor supply chain trends and predict future performance

Keep track of your supply chain trajectory and forecast with confidence

Automate recurring data analysis

Demand Forecasting

Predict future demand, using historical sales data, market trends, and ML algorithms

Driver Analysis

Identify and understand the factors that impact your business performance

Seasonal Pricing

Analyze how various seasonal factors impact product pricing and demand

SKU Rationalization

Evaluate your product offerings to determine which items should be kept, discontinued, or introduced

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