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Which policies are at higher risk of claim?

Why have claims increased in a specific segment?

How can we optimize risk assessment for different products?

Meanwhile, data and analytics capabilities are becoming table stakes in the P&C sector in Europe and North America. Best-in-class performers are putting distance between themselves and competitors by building advanced data and analytics underwriting capabilities that can deliver substantial value.

McKinsey & Company | Sept 2021
How data and analytics are redefining excellence in P&C underwriting

AI-powered decision intelligence for Underwriters

Enhanced Risk Assessment

Always stay informed with on-demand AI-driven analysis of risk factors and KPIs.

Quickly Adapt to Market Changes

Rapidly identify and respond to emerging trends and risks in the insurance landscape.

Predict and Manage Risk Effectively

Monitor trends and utilize predictive analytics to anticipate and prepare for future risks.

Automate Recurring Underwriter Analyses for Proactive Insights

Business Performance Reporting

Analyze your operational, financial, and strategic performance

Churn Analysis

Identifying patterns and reasons behind customer attrition

Driver Analysis

Identify and understand the factors that impact your business performance

Unstructured Data

Effectively analyze and generate insights from textual documents, reports, presentations and more

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