Search-Driven Analytics for Workforce Management

Business intelligence adoption has struggled to get past 25 percent. The arena of workforce management is no different and has likely lagged behind even these statistics. Companies have struggled with traditional business intelligence tools like Microstrategy and Business Objects to answer questions like:

  • “how many early in and late out exceptions occurred over the last year?”
  • “what is the rounding rule net difference at plant x from march to may?”
  • “How many employees with early in or late out exceptions incurred unscheduled overtime?”

Can you answer these questions on a traditional reporting or dashboard tool? Perhaps, but at best, it’s a bit like playing a game of jeopardy. You get a board full of answers and have to guess the question.

At worst, the answer to your question hasn’t been anticipated and, as is often the case with workforce-related questions, the user is left to file their request with IT. And wait.

We think there’s a better way. Google, Apple, and Amazon have trained us as consumers to expect a simple, fast, even elegant consumer experience. And we now rightly expect that same experience from enterprise software.

AnswerRocket provides search-driven analytics to empower users with Google™ like access to data. Instead of having to file a request with IT, AnswerRocket allows users to simply ask their question. AnswerRocket understands their natural language query, finds the data and presents a visualization any user can understand.

To create this demonstration, we partnered with Workforce Insight, a leading provider of workforce management implementation and analytics services. We are grateful to them for providing us with sample data and insights as to the types of challenges facing workforce managers every day.

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