The Cure for Data Dysfunction

See how fast AnswerRocket can enable your team to make better, data-driven decisions.

Identifying the Problem

At many companies, the approach to business intelligence and analytics is inefficient and unscalable. Worse, most people don’t recognize that this is a problem. Even fewer realize that there’s a simple solution.

Check Your Symptoms

Mark which of these statements apply to you and your organization:


  • You have more analytics requests than you can possibly keep up with.
  • Other ad hoc reporting requests aren’t even submitted, because they’ll never get prioritized in time.
  • The business units know the way to expedite their requests (and it usually includes name-dropping one of their executives).
  • This “fast pass” option is getting used more frequently.
  • After completing the initial request, you often get a follow-up request for more analytics. This effort is like starting from scratch and may keep you working late to complete.
  • Your team is routinely asked to provide the same types of reports, just with updated data.


  • You already have more than one BI tool, obtained when you or your predecessors tried to fix this problem previously.
  • These data analytics tools are not getting used. Or at least not to the degree that was envisioned when purchased.
  • Your data is expected to grow significantly in the next few years, and you don’t have a practical solution for how to manage this.


  • Even though your analytics team has grown in the past few years, the time it takes to fulfill data requests hasn’t improved.
  • Your team has a tense relationship with the business teams whose reports you provide.
  • You hired data scientists and advanced analytics experts who are stuck answering basic questions like “what were sales by month for product X?”.
  • Members of your team tell you they’re feeling burned out or bored by their work.
  • Some team members talk about leaving or have already left.

Begin Treatment Now

AnswerRocket provides self-service analytics that is easy to use and powerful. Business users can compile their own reports and dashboards by simply asking natural language questions. What takes days using traditional BI solutions can display within seconds using AnswerRocket.

Request a custom demo to see how AnswerRocket can improve the health of your analytics.

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