Transform CPG Analytics with AnswerRocket: Max, the AI Assistant for Accelerated Insights

In this interview, Ryan Goodpaster, Enterprise Account Executive at AnswerRocket, highlights our focus on helping customers obtain rapid insights from their enterprise data. We do this by using advanced techniques such as natural language processing, natural language generation, AI, machine learning, model integration, and GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer). Specializing in consumer goods, AnswerRocket’s expertise extends to uncovering valuable insights from syndicated market data, including Nielsen and IRI. Ryan also introduces “Max,” our AI assistant for analytics, generating excitement among customers as they eagerly anticipate the efficiency and innovation it promises to bring to their organizations. 

Watch the video below or read the transcript to learn more.

Ryan: My name is Ryan Goodpaster. I’m one of the sales guys here at AnswerRocket. Been with the company for six years. And what we do is we help our customers get insights out of their enterprise data in seconds, using techniques like natural language processing, natural language generation, AI, and machine learning, model integration, and now GPT. 

How does AnswerRocket help CPG’s accelerate data analysis?

Ryan: We’re fairly industry agnostic, but we have a pretty heavy focus in consumer goods. We help them with a lot of their internal data, their third party data, like Nielsen and IRI and Kantar. This data is really important to a lot of departments, so they see a lot of value across lots of different business areas in their companies. 

How does AnswerRocket uncover insights from syndicated market data?

Ryan: Every month, the Nielsen data updates. And for the most part, it takes a company maybe a week or two to get through a comprehensive analysis of what’s going on with their business. With AnswerRocket, you can do a full deep dive in seconds, and you don’t have to wait a week or two. So you get those insights much faster and you can really figure out what to do, what actions to take with those insights, and get that to their customers even quicker. 

Why are customers excited about Max, our AI assistant for analytics?

Ryan: Most everybody that I’ve talked to is really excited about Max. They want Max yesterday. So we are working very hard to deliver that to them, especially our current customers. I don’t see very many people being scared of it, because it’s one of those things where you have to get on board with it or you’ll get left behind, right? Everybody and every company that I’m talking to is trying to figure out how do we leverage GPT, not only for analytics, but across the entire organization? How do we make ourselves more efficient in these current times? 

Conclusion: AnswerRocket’s industry-agnostic approach is particularly beneficial for consumer goods companies, where they provide valuable insights by leveraging both internal and third-party data sources like  Nielsen and IRI. Our solution enables CPGs to accelerate data analysis, allowing them to dive deep into syndicated market data within seconds, facilitating quicker decision-making and actions based on the obtained insights. Customers are excited about Max, which is powered by GPT, as it promises enhanced efficiency and competitiveness across organizations. 

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