Create Tailored AI Analysts for Enhanced Business Outcomes


Custom AI Assistants

Custom AI Assistants represent the next level in business intelligence – personalized, AI-driven assistants designed to understand and analyze your specific business data and metrics. These Assistants are not just tools; they’re partners in your strategic decision-making process, providing tailored insights and analyses. Unlike generic AI assistants, they are designed to understand the unique nuances of your industry and apply your business’s specific approach to data analysis.

why it matters

Bespoke AI for Unique Business Needs

Fully Customizable

Tailor AI assistants to your business, department, and role for highly specialized insights.

Advanced Analysis & Insights

Automate your unique analytics workflows for highly relevant answers on demand.

Get Tailored Responses

Enable diagnostic, predictive, and even prescriptive analysis to help guide impactful business strategies.

our approach

Harnessing AI for Tailored Business Analysis

AnswerRocket’s Skill Studio gives enterprises the opportunity to develop custom AI analysts via an approachable low-code interface. 

Skill Studio elevates Max’s AI capabilities, offering:

Full Development Environment: An end-to-end experience for developing, testing, and deploying Skills.
Low-Code UX: A user-friendly interface for creating custom Skills.
Reusable Code Blocks: Enhance Skill development with pre-built code for various analytical functions.
Bring Your Own Models: Integrate existing machine learning algorithms within Max.
Multi-source Data Support: Analyze diverse data types through a unified platform.
Purpose-Built Assistants: Construct AI assistants for specific analytical tasks.
Quality Assurance: A robust testing framework ensures accuracy and relevance of insights.


Empowering Teams Across the Organization

Boost decision intelligence and productivity with custom AI assistants that understand your business.

Data Scientists and Developers

Enable technical teams to turn complex algorithms into accessible Skills that can be leveraged by AI Assistants.


Assemble and publish helpful Assistants capable of performing job-specific analyses.

Business Users

Interact with AI Assistants to get instant answers and insights that fuel better business decisions.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Analytics??

Discover how Skill Studio can empower your enterprise with AI-driven, customized analytics. Embrace a new era of decision-making with our bespoke AI Assistants. Request a demo today.

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