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Unstructured Data

Unstructured data is data that isn’t stored in a structured format. Whereas structured data typically consists of numbers and values, unstructured data is heavily text-based, such as documents, emails, transcripts, social media posts, and website content. While it is more complex to analyze than structured data, generative AI technology like natural language processing and image recognition enables companies to glean rich insights from this often underutilized data type.

why it matters

Come to the Cutting Edge of Analysis

Save Time

The same reading and research that would take weeks, now only takes minutes with Max.

Utilize ALL of Your Data

Don’t be limited to the structured data in your spreadsheets. If your organization has the knowledge somewhere, Max can analyze it.

Get Tailored Responses

Get Max to draft a response in a format and tone that works for your team and your organization.

our approach

Enabling Unstructured Data Analysis with AI

AnswerRocket’s AI-driven approach revolutionizes unstructured data analysis by automating the analysis process.

Your Own AI Assistant: Chat with our AI Data Analyst, Max, for instant answers to your ad hoc questions.
Analyze Complex Data Easily: AnswerRocket uses machine learning data analysis to understand the connection between information in your structured and unstructured data.
Make Strategic Decisions: Receive more complete narratives to understand the full story and make the best choices to achieve your business goals.
Customizable to Your Needs: Adapt the analysis to fit your specific industry dynamics and organization.

your data

Uncover Insights from Multiple Data Sources

AnswerRocket’s platform integrates with various data sources to provide holistic insights.

Documents and Reports

Surface actionable insights from even lengthy Word docs and PDFs.

Emails and Transcripts

Identify patterns and trends across interactions.

Web Content

Find quick answers to ad hoc questions from your website or vetted third-party sites.

PowerPoint Presentations

Use the information from your presentations, quarterly meetings, company briefings and more.

Social Media

Generate insights from your audience and various social interactions.

Customer Feedback

Examine customer comments to identify drivers of satisfaction and loyalty.

Ready For More Complete Narratives?

Discover the power of AI in analyzing the most valuable untapped resource in your organization. Request a demo today.

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